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Playing the Maine State Lottery


Playing the Maine State Lottery

The Maine state lottery offers several exciting games, providing fun for every lottery player. Whether you buy a $1 ticket or a $20 ticket, you are guaranteed to have a good time. Playing the Maine lottery can be extremely exciting even if you don't win the big prize. And, the funds generated by the Maine state lottery help fund State Programs and the Outdoor Heritage Fun, so you're not only having fun, you're helping a good cause! There are a variety of different games to choose from, including scratch-off and drawing games. The most popular and most lucrative Maine lottery game is the Powerball lottery. It is a drawing game, and it pays out the largest jackpot of any Maine lottery game.

How to Play the Maine Powerball Lottery

The Powerball lottery involves choosing five numbers between one and fifty-five and one Powerball lotto number between one and forty-two. If you match all six numbers, you win the jackpot. You can also play a Power ball Power Play option. It costs a dollar extra to play this feature, but if you win any prize besides the jackpot, the prize is multiplied by five.

Other Maine Lottery Games

Not only does Maine offer the Powerball Lottery, it also offers the Tri-State Megabucks game, which is also offered in both Vermont and New Hampshire. To play the Tri-State Megabucks game you simply select six numbers from a field of forty-two numbers. Six winning numbers are selected and an additional number is drawn which increases your chance of winning. Matching only two numbers and a bonus number results in a cash prize. The Tri-State Megabucks results are announced on Wednesday and Saturday nights at 7:50 p.m.

Maine Lottery Instant Win Games

Maine also has a variety of scratch off games to satisfy your desire to win instantly. If you are looking for an instant Maine lottery result, you can play the Maine instant win games. These games are fun and easy to play and allow you to win on the spot! There are a variety of different instant scratch-off games to choose from, each with its own theme and style. Maine instant games range in price from $1 to $20 and can result in prizes of up to $500,000.

Buy Maine Lottery Tickets

The Maine lottery has been around since 1974 and has many exciting games to play. The Maine lottery funds a variety of worthwhile state programs. Maine is one of several states exploring the possibility of online lottery ticket sales. Rural Maine lottery players say they would welcome such a move by the state lottery. Rural Maine residents must travel considerable distances to the nearest lottery retailer and the ability to buy lottery tickets online would eliminate these lengthy trips. The Maine lottery maintains an excellent website where players can check the latest lottery results for several lottery games.

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