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How to play scratch card online games

You choose a card and scratch its surface to uncover the symbols. If you get the right combination of symbols (depending on the specific game) you win a prize.

You will always have the option of choosing between different amounts of wagers, so there is usually a scratch card to fit every budget.

Start Playing Scratch Cards

After you have picked your card, you need to place a wager by choosing the amount with the Plus or Minus buttons in the interface.

After choosing your wager, you have two options of how to physically “scratch” your card.

Option 1: You can manually scratch the card with the mouse pointer. Most player prefer this method, because it is considered more fun and it builds up the suspense as you slowly uncover the symbols waiting for the winning combination.

Option 2: You can use the auto scratch mode, and the symbols will reveal themselves instantly, so you will know what combination you have received straight away. This way is good if you want to scratch more cards to maximize your winnings.

These two options have the same result – all the symbols will be revealed and you will see if you have a winning combination and how much you have won.

How to win at scratch card games and collect your prize

Winning in a scratch card game is very easy. You just have to scratch the winning combination, depending on what type of card you have chosen. The higher the wager is, the higher the prize you can win.

Every card has a jackpot prize as well that you can win with the right combination.

If you win, the prize is instantly added to your balance.

Playing scratch card games is a very quick and easy way to play and win big prizes on an online gaming website.



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