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How to win in a scratch card game–every ti

Would you believe it if we told you that it is possible to guarantee a prize when you play scratch cards?

Most likely you would say, “No way!”

Statistically, for small wagers ($1-$5), there will be a winning card every 15 losing cards; therefore the maximum consecutive losing string is 15 cards.

For larger wagers ($10 and more), you will have a maximum consecutive losing string of 13 cards.

The Lottery Commission claims that the winning statistics are set up like this, so each player has an equal chance of buying a winning card.

Prof. Sherman, a mathematician, says that the people at the Lottery Commission know what they are doing. He also says that the idea is to let the players win so they will keep on playing the game. Basically, he says, it’s all about marketing.

We wanted to check this theory in the real world, so we spent a couple of hundred dollars at the local lottery kiosk.

We bought two kinds of cards – a string of $2 cards, and a string of $10 cards. We spent a total of $250.

Guess what, it worked. We won at least one card in each string. But the question is – did we win more then we spent?

With the $2 string, we spent $100 but won only $20, so we lost $80, but with the $10 string of cards, we spent $150 and won $250, so we ended up with a profit of $100. Not bad!

So our conclusion is that you are more likely to win when you buy a string of cards, but you won’t necessarily end up with a profit all the time. Statistically, you have more chances of making a profit when you play with larger wagers.

Still, with scratch cards strings, you have a better chance of ending up with more money that most other lottery type games.



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