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How to increase your winning odds



Winning the lottery is not easy. The odds are hugely against you.
There is no perfect winning strategy, because if there were, we would all be winners and the lottery industry would be out of business. Nevertheless, there are some strategies that can help you improve your odds of winning.



1. How many tickets you should buy?


Simply put, as many as you can. Every ticket will increase your odds of winning.



2. Pick your numbers manually.


Statistically, most lottery winners pick their winning numbers manually, without resorting to computer generated numbers.



3. Use a professional statistical system.


There are many systems for sale on the Internet. There are systems that are made for lotteries of 6, 8 or more numbers. Some of the programs use different types of wheeling systems, which can reduce the lottery's odds against you. Search the internet for wheeling charts and databases.



4. Join a pool of people that buy tickets together.


Joining a group of people will let you buy more tickets. Groups have more chance of winning the jackpot than an individual who is unable to purchase as many tickets as the group. Statistically, there is more power in a large number of people buying together.



5. Find the lotteries that have a bonus extra number.


When you hit the extra number, you may not take the jackpot, but you can still win a big enough prize.



6. Check the previous numbers that won the jackpot.


After checking the old winning numbers, try to use numbers that didn't win. The theory is that those numbers are more likely to come up in future draws. It is very unlikely that a winning combination will show up again. There are also internet sites that try to predict the next winning combination, based on the last combinations that won.  Try to find those sites to save yourself some work. Try to search for “winning lottery combination” or “lottery hot numbers".



7. Play less popular lotteries, with less players and smaller prizes.


It is very tempting to play the big lotteries that have huge prizes, but don't forget that those lotteries also attract many players that, like you, want that big prize. That means more competition on the winning numbers and less odds of winning for you. Therefore, the smaller lotteries have fewer players and statistically you have a better chance of winning the jackpot.    



8. Search for the tickets that reward you for a sequence of numbers.

With some lottery tickets, you can win an additional prize if you hit a sequence of numbers.


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